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Individual therapy online

Whether you would like to make sense of your life story, explore your childhood trauma or experiences of abuse, or confront issues you are facing in your current lifestyle (including substance abuse), at work or in relationships, individual therapy is a hugely beneficial way to reclaim your path and recognise your own responsibility to yourself. The number of sessions will depend very much on the challenges you are facing, how you respond to therapy and your therapeutic goals.

I recommend we start with weekly sessions and review the frequency as we go along. Read more here...

Adolescent therapy

Working with adolescents is a particular interest of mine. I have experience of working with adolescents in the context of low self-esteem, anxiety (including climate change anxiety), depression, parental separation, moving country/schools, choosing a higher-education path, dealing with eating disorders, suicidal ideation, self-harm, and bullying.

Read more here...

Couples therapy

Life as part of a couple requires a huge amount of negotiation and give-and-take. When a relationship breaks down, or when we face life stresses along the way, such as family illness and conflict, mental health issues, financial pressure, fertility challenges, forced separation, house or country moves, the birth of children or career crises, it can be incredibly useful to talk in a neutral space with a counsellor.


My purpose is to help you both be heard by the other, to learn to approach each other with empathy, and to work towards a mutually agreed goal. Read more here...

Group Therapy

Groups are a remarkable platform for facilitating change, as you share vulnerability and empathy with complete strangers, and – listening to others – you begin to appreciate the universality of human struggles. Read more here...

Packages & Rates: Packages & Rates
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